Skate Workshop at the CTM Sports Tournament - 23 July 2016, Meadowlands West , Soweto

My name is Elizabeth Takii Matsangu. I am a female skater from Kagiso (Krugersdorp) - 15 years old turning 16 in November.
 When I first started out I was the only girl amongst the boys. I was shocked when I met other female skaters, because I didn’t think that there would be any other female skaters around! I now have a few girls that join me, but it is still mostly boys. I enjoy skateboarding with my friends, but mostly skating with my female friends!
 I was inspired by three guys from my hood, so one day I decided to save up some money and try skateboarding myself. My skateboard is my best friend and my everything! I’d beat someone up just for my skateboard…lol
Some time ago I went to our local skate park - Key West, I saw some guy skating a Bun&Bunee board. I didn’t know anything about Bun&Bunee back then. My friend Rabbit started skating a Bun&Bunee board and that is when I first really got to know the brand.
I was asked by Bun&Bunee to come and be part of a team of instructors at the CTM Sports Tournament. This was the first year CTM tested skateboarding by having a workshop for beginner skaters.  We were 13 instructors in total . Each child had their own instructor for 15 minutes. At least 80-100 primary and high school kids participated. These kids really wanted to learn how to skate! They fell, but they got back up and tried harder! Honestly, teaching the beginners how to skate was exciting and fun.
 I met new people, new skaters and made new friends! 
 Can’t wait for the next event Bun&Bunee and CTM!!!!!