Krugersdorp Skating Scene

My name is Poelo Mofolo, I am a skateboarder from South Africa. I live in small town called "Krugersdorp" and when I say "small" I'm mostly referring to the skateboarding scene in our town. 
We recently got a skate park! Yup! And it's rad! It was was designed by Dallas Oberholzer, who did an amazing job! Him and his crew! The skate park has had a positive affect in our skate community, you can see it in our faces man!
Since we've had the skate park, not many comps have gone down. So myself and Pali Marite wanted to do something about it, we decided to approach Bun&Bunee and asked them if they could please sponsor a Best Trick Contest. And to our surprise they said YES! 
The comp went down 19th March 2016. What I like about comps, is that they get people all hyped and positive about skateboarding, I don't personally enter competitions but I do like watching them, guys always put it down. We had a Junior and Senior division.
Senior: Naphtali Bantom- Inward heel flip 5-0
 Junior: Musa Ndlovu- Nose slide pop shove out 
 It was a great event, filled with fun, talent and opportunity.
Thanks for catching up with me, till next time. Peace!