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Skate Workshop at the CTM Sports Tournament - 23 July 2016, Meadowlands West , Soweto

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Takii Matsangu. I am a female skater from Kagiso (Krugersdorp) - 15 years old turning 16 in November.  When I first started out I was the only girl amongst the boys. I was shocked when I met other female skaters, because I didn’t think that there would be any other female skaters around! I now have a few girls that join me, but it is still mostly boys. I enjoy skateboarding with my friends, but mostly skating with my female friends!  I was inspired by three guys from my hood, so one day I decided to save up some money and try skateboarding myself. My skateboard is my best friend and my everything! I’d beat someone...

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Krugersdorp Skating Scene

Wassup!  My name is Poelo Mofolo, I am a skateboarder from South Africa. I live in small town called "Krugersdorp" and when I say "small" I'm mostly referring to the skateboarding scene in our town.  We recently got a skate park! Yup! And it's rad! It was was designed by Dallas Oberholzer, who did an amazing job! Him and his crew! The skate park has had a positive affect in our skate community, you can see it in our faces man! Since we've had the skate park, not many comps have gone down. So myself and Pali Marite wanted to do something about it, we decided to approach Bun&Bunee and asked them if they could please sponsor a Best Trick Contest. And to...

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Bun&Bunee Official Sponsors of One Love Central

    Bun&Bunee is proud to be official sponsors of One Love Central! When we met up with Quincy Moyo and Charles Lamprecht, the founders earlier this year, we discussed their dreams and visions for South Africa’s skate community and how we could possibly assist them. One Love Central has a new Skate Academy at the Drill Hall which is situated in Johannesburg’s inner-city. Bun&Bunee was able to donate 10 full skateboard completes and accessories to their cause. Shortly after the donation a workshop took place, and kids from different backgrounds got together to be taught the basics of skateboarding, as well as the skateboard assembly process. The skateboards are now available for the kids to use during the day,...

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